Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Welcome to Motorize App, Motorize provide its services to you which subjected to the following conditions.

If you visit or use any of our services this means you accept these terms, please read them carefully.

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The content on Motorize based on users and registered members of Motorize. Motorize therefore does not assume any responsibility for the added content. Motorize controls the ads and content added by users in two ways:

1- before the addition (not all ads) since some ads does not appear on the app unless the admin approved it.

2- after the addition, where the ads appear on the app and then monitored and corrected if necessary. Therefore, all members are not permitted to post ads that are in violation of the Content Policy for Motorize. Such ads will be deleted directly by the app administrators. As an example, with no limited to:

Duplicate ads, not allowed to repeat more than once, but you can add it again after its period expiry.

Duplicate memberships, only one membership allowed for the same name, the new memberships will be deleted and the oldest ones will be kept.

Fraudulent ads such as: (Fake ads for cars whose purpose is to implicate users of the application) will be verified by the admin team and then disabled.

Reported Ads, which reported by other users of the app, or proven to cause inconvenience to other users.

Unclear ads and irrelevant to the purpose for which Motorize is created, including but not limited to the following advertisements: (request for financial assistance, reporting of a person or defamatory statements) and its purpose is to impress individuals and companies.

International ads on Motorize are located outside the UAE are not allowed.

The definition of “Package” is the number of vehicles that can be activated and featured.

You will get free package to add a number of cars for a temporary period and then you have to buy a package that suits your number of cars which you would like to activate.

Motorize offer to you many packages with different prices for each package. The current price is not the final price of the package and the price and package size may be modified at any time without notice. But your purchased package will not be affected.

The package is valid for the period you are paying for. Example: if you pay for one month, the validity of the package is one month. If you pay for three months, the validity of the package is three months, and so on.

Each package has its time validity. This means the allowance of activating cars is depending on the package size and time you purchased. For example; let’s say you purchased package (A) which allow you to activate 5 cars, and you paid for it ONE month, and then later you purchased package (B) which allow you to activate 10 cars, and paid for THREE months. So your total activating allowance are 15 cars, but if the time of package (A) expired. Your total will be 10 cars, which is the package of (B), and it will be available until its three month expire.

The payment of any package is one time payment according to the time you paid for, we have three options to pay for; 1 month – 3 months – 6 months, therefor it’s not a circle bill. In other words, you will not be automatically charged unless you buy package. After the end of the period you have to purchase a new package to be able to activate your cars again.

You should know that there is no refund request, so make sure you choose the right package and period that suits your needs.

Any person can add fist car for free, and for the second car there will be a charge for it.

Motorize offer to you different time periods within different pricing rates. The current price is not the final price of the advertisement and the price and time may be adjusted at any time without notice.

The ad is valid within the period you are paying for. Example: When paying for a month, the validity of the ad is one month, and payment of three months, the validity is for three months.

Motorize provide a 100% secure payment gateway provided by Tap.company and the payment system done outside the Motorize app which is from the provider’s website and the card data is totally NOT stored. Therefore, your data is secure and confidential to you only. We would like to mention here that the amount paid for the advertisement or the package not refundable.

You acknowledge and agree that the use of Motorize application and the services is entirely at your own responsibility and that the application and services are provided on “as is” or “as available” basis without any warranties of any kind.

Motorize assumes no responsibility for any product or service advertised or provided by third parties through the app  or any application with hyperlink or contained in any other logo or advertisement. All agreements, relationships and transactions between the seller and the buyer are at your own risk whether you are a seller or a buyer since Motorize is for advertisements only and not responsible for the transactions outside Motorize except for the person who present Motorize officially.